LuppetX is a tracking system for 3D Virtual YouTubers
that only requires a web camera and LeapMotion

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Rich Motion with Few Devices

Specialized in upper body expression, various ingenuities are incorporated so that the character moves lively with just two devices.

No Specialized Knowledge Required

Just hang the LeapMotion on your neck and point the camera at yourself.
It is developed with the aim of being used by a non-computer-savvy streamer alone.

Supports VRM

You can move the character by simply converting the 3D model to VRM.
It also supports the latest VRM standards (VRM1.0).

Detailed Documentation

We have prepared documentation to solve various questions such as preparing 3D models and devices, and how to use LuppetX.

LuppetX supports your VTubing

“Luppet”, the predecessor of LuppetX, has been supporting VTubers’ broadcasts worldwide since its release in February 2019.
And thanks to the feedback from our users, various updates have been made.

It is designed to allow anyone to become a VTuber by minimizing the necessary equipment and preparation, even if they are not very familiar with computers.

Please watch the video.

The Evolution to Luppet "X"

While keeping the concepts and features of the conventional Luppet intact, we have redesigned everything from scratch.

In X, based on Luppet, we have added features such as ‘Accessory function’, ‘Motion transmission to external applications’, ‘Transparent background’, and ‘Behavior improvements during tracking loss’.

In addition to these, we have improved memory usage and GPU load compared to before.


From Game Streaming to Remote Meetings

What can it be used for?

We expect it to be used for chat streaming and game streaming using OBS.
On the other hand, it can also be used for things like remote meetings and presentations using avatars.

By purchasing a license, you can use it for commercial purposes regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation.


As of May 2023, Luppet is used by more than 100 companies worldwide and over 13,000 individual VTubers.

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License Pricing

LuppetX Personal
6600 JPY
License for individuals

  • Remove watermark
  • Access to all features of LuppetX
  • One-time purchase license
LuppetX Enterprise
99800 JPY
License for companies

  • Remove watermark
  • Access to all features of LuppetX
  • One-time purchase license
  • Available for corporate use



・We have set up a new account service to make it easier to access information.
By registering an account, you can easily access various information about LuppetX and download links for the app. In addition, this also means correcting the issue where access was restricted in some countries and the server was unstable.

・Many new features have been added to the app.
1. We’ve added a host of new features, such as accessory functionality and motion transmission functionality, with the goal of making your streams even more appealing.
2. Along with the addition of new features, we’ve improved the UI from the old one, and have refreshed it to a more user-friendly UI.
3. We have optimized processing to enhance the performance of the app.

The implementations are based on the requests we have received so far. Thank you, users.

・We can flexibly accommodate future tracking devices and methods.
For example, if in the future high-accuracy tracking becomes available with AR glasses or just a smartphone, we have a structure in place that allows you to use them for tracking without having to update LuppetX. (QuestPro tracking is a sample of this functionality).


No, you cannot.
LuppetX has a completely renewed account system from the old Luppet.
To use LuppetX, you will need to create a new account and purchase a license anew.


One license can be used by up to one person.
Commercial use is possible. Please use within the scope of the terms of service.
Please see How many people can use per license? and Can LuppetX be used commercially? for details.

Let's get started with LuppetX!

1.Download & Install

Please install according to the instructions in the installer.


2.Create an Account

Membership registration is required to use LuppetX.
Please set up your account.

Account Page

3.Purchase a License

The license applies immediately after purchase
and LuppetX becomes fully usable.

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